The Internet and social media really does bring us together. How? Well, as one person once put it: “it turns out we were all living the same childhood in different houses.” It is extremely pleasant to find out that someone living thousands of miles away from you, had similar experiences in their childhood. For instance, the majority of us know the frightening feeling of when mom asked you to take out that chicken from the freezer and you didn’t. Or when your parents would walk into your room only to find all the dirty cups, plates and forks laying around. Or when your dad used to fall asleep on the couch with his arms crossed on his chest, but would suddenly wake up when you wanted to change the channel on TV. But this writer recently brought up something new and made us remember the traumas we even forgot we had.

H/t Buzzfeed.

Recently, this guy asked Twitter to share traumatic stories from people’s childhoods

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Stories, which involve getting stabbed with a pencil

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People were thinking they were the only ones to have it

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But they weren’t! And the stories just kept getting better with each tweet

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The guy who began the thread, showed his mark too

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And some people were amazed to find out that they have the scar in almost the exact same spot

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Also, there were some hardcore stories that luckily ended well

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Well, what about you? Do you too have a bit of pencil led still stuck in your body? Tell us in the comments!

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