The romantic notion of owning a white picket fence house and raising several rambunctious rosy-cheeked kids is something that intuitively appeals to me. However, far from everybody has the same dreams that I do — and to each their own.

There are more and more people out there who reject the standard family narrative and firmly believe they’re not meant to have children. When faced with criticism or disdain, they reply not with anger or excuses but with memes. And who here doesn’t like a good meme or two?

Bored Panda has hand-picked the very best memes made by people who don’t want to have kids, all for your entertainment. Whatever side of the (white picket) fence you’re on, regarding the topic of having children, I hope that you’ll enjoy the jokes. So scroll down, upvote your favorite memes, and tell us in the comments which ones made you laugh the loudest. When you’re all done with this article, why not have a glance at Bored Panda’s other hilarious list about people who prefer pets over kids, as well as our post about older people and whether or not they regret not having had kids.

The memes mostly center around the idea that those people who choose not to have kids do so because they enjoy having more freedom and money. They also poke fun of the fact that society keeps pressuring them to have children who are a huge responsibility to take care of and expensive to raise.

The New York Times determined the reasons why more people are opting out of having more kids. The 2018 survey conducted by Morning Consult shows that the number one reason why people are having fewer children than their ideal number is money. Or rather, a lack of money. 64% of respondents said that childcare is too expensive. 54% also mentioned wanting to spend more time with the kids they already have; 49% were worried about the economy; and 44% can’t afford more children.

Meanwhile, it’s a fact that birth and fertility rates in the world are plummeting. Our World in Data has revealed the shocking fact that the global fertility rate has halved in the last half-a-century: up until 1965, on average, every woman in the world had more than 5 children; now the average woman has fewer than 2.5 kids.

The Volatile Mermaid

Mom holding crying baby: He just needs to be changed.
Me: Yeah hopefully into a puppy or something quieter.

5:29 AM - 5 Jul 2015

ohnoshetwitnt Report

According to the BBC, lower fertility rates are found in “more economically developed countries”, such as the United States, Australia, South Korea and most countries in Europe. The World Population Review has found that in 2019 the highest fertility rates are in Niger (an average of 6.95 children per woman) and Somalia (6.12 kids); the lowest rates are in South Korea (1.11 kids) and Taiwan (1.15 kids).

Whether you already have kids, want to have children or aren’t planning on having any, what’s important is being happy with your decision and living life with a smile on your face. And what helps you keep a smile on your face? That’s right. Memes! And lots of them.

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