Mexican artist Enrique Bernal has found a subtle yet majestic way to illuminate his drawings with life. After the talented artist is done working on his pieces with pencils and pens, Enrique adds a few extra post-production effects and it takes his drawings to a whole new level.

The artist uses an app called Medibang Paint. One of its features is a digital “glow” that imitates a fluorescent light source but it would be nothing without Bernal's clever use of it. Both the angles of the glow and the colors he chooses make his subjects really pop and create an off-the-paper candescence.

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Whether Bernal is simply contouring their face and body or adding mysterious elements to the entire composition -- like butterfliers -- he always seems to find the right motifs to enhance his drawings of humans and animals.

After further inspection, one can notice that Enrique's drawings are reminiscent of the works by Bulgarian illustrator Angel Ganev. They also make use of a similar technique of lighting that makes the pencil drawings appear as though they are glowing.

Ganev's pieces radiate with a unique mood as well, wherein the glow becomes a feeling of a warm autumn evening with a cup of tea in one pencil sketch and a cool metallic touch of magic in another.

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