In a recent interview for Gitar Plus Magazine (Indonesia), guitarist Pedro Pimentel (Alkymykos de Beta Cete, former Morfinna member) talked about his next solo album, currently in production.

Diferently from the previous release, totally instrumental, the new record will contain songs – having Pedro itself the lead singer – focused on distinct “characters” and their states of mind. Also, there’ll be videos about the recording process of the tracks, aiming to share the musician’s knowledge as Music Producer with the general audience.

Check below the complete transcription of the interview:

GITAR PLUS: What gear currently you are using on stage? What is the main element of your sound?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: The guitar is a customized Tagima, which is a brand from Brazil. The amp is a Blackstar HT-5 for small audiences, but when I need something louder, I prefer a Marshall 50 watts. My pedalboard is pretty simple: Wah Dunlop Cry Baby, Boss Super Overdrive as a booster and a Zoom 4040 on loop for effects like Chorus, Reverb and Delay.

GITAR PLUS: What are your main influences? Were there any recent additions that influenced your sound?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Morse. Also, by the time I’ve met Michel Leme, Luciano Magno and Edu Letti, they brought me new rhythmic possibilities and a wider way to see improvisation. Nowadays, I’ve been listening to Gutrhie Govan’s projects a lot.

GITAR PLUS: Thinking back, which guitarists had the most impact on you when you first started playing?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: When I was 11, a local guitarist called Ernesto Leonardi went to my house to jam with my father. He started playing some songs from the album “High tension wires” (by Steve Morse), and I was “Damn!!! This is the coolest thing that I’ve ever saw! I need to learn how to do it!”. Another situation was Steve Vai performing “For the love of God” on Guitar Legends 1992. It was before I started playing, but I already recognized it as something really extraordinary.

GITAR PLUS: Which was the first song that you practiced?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water” – not only the main riff, but the whole song.

GITAR PLUS: Looking back to the days when you first began to play guitar, can you recall any techniques being particularly beneficial to your progress?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: I think the most important comes from the basics: it’s vital to achieve a clear sound on playing chords and well tuned bends, for example. If we are good on the fudamentals, some fancy techniques like two-handed tapping and sweep picking will become more natural, otherwise we will certainly struggle. But if I have to choose one decisive move, this should be the habit to record myself in order to analyze everything. I think this is the most reliable way to improve all aspects at once.

GITAR PLUS: You have a solo album. Are you currently working the new one?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: Yes, I am! And this will be my first time on lead vocals.

GITAR PLUS: What do you think made the next album standsout compare with the last one?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: It’s quite different than the last one, because I’m singing on it as well. I can say that this is a completely new experience for me… despite that, I’m really enjoying the whole process. It’ s basically a Metal album, mixed with Funk, Soul and Fusion elements, having also influences that comes from movies, books and videogames. Each song exposes a different character and its point of view; the main focus it’s on the composition and the better way to express the emotional and psychological state of each character through the arrangements. And, of course, there will be a lot of guitar solos and riffs!

GITAR PLUS: Guitarwise, did you try out anything new in terms of the equipment? Did you experiment with any new tunings?

PEDRO PIMENTEL: I’m not using so many plugins this time, using instead guitar amps and microphones in some standard configurations. All the songs are low-tuned, as “drop C” and D-tuning. I would like to highlight, on this project, a series of videos that will be available before its official release; everything about gear and recording techniques related to this album will be available on my YouTube Channel (, to share my experience as a Producer and provide everyone some practical solutions for commom situations that happens in a Home Studio – with a very easy language, of course.

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