The problem with even the smallest white lie is that it can sometimes take on a life of its own, multiply and spawn into something much bigger and uglier until it’s out of control.

This is precisely what happened to this woman, Tumblr user rue-by-another-name. After a simple lie about a peanut allergy, to avoid being questioned about her dislike of peanut butter, she found herself faced with the uncomfortable reality of not being able to enjoy her beloved peanut M&M’s in public.

Not all heroes wear capes however. Her husband was there on the scene to save the day, and show what true love is!

This wasn’t the end of the story however. Her post on Tumblr attracted a storm of comments and hate-mail, with many people disgruntled about her blasé attitude toward the serious problem of faking allergies. In these gluten-intolerant times, when real sufferers of celiac disease are sometimes ridiculed because of the fad-following hordes, you can maybe see their point. But the death threats were taking it a little far. Rue issued an apology, and we hope that this is the end of the story!

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Image credits: Geoff LMV (not an actual photo)

What seemed like a cute story at first, spiralled into something way more serious in the comments

After 102 messages like that in her inbox, Rue decided to issue an apology

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