Loaded with visual puns and anecdotal scenes, this creative project by photographer Janol Apin takes us on a journey through the Parisian metro. Shot throughout the 1990’s, “Métropolisson” features more than 100 images of Apin’s friends posing in the undergrounds dressed in costumes that play with the stations’ names – from an astronaut in the Champ de Mars station to a knight in the Temple stop.

The best part is that, even if you don’t speak French, you can enjoy almost every snapshot from this series, as most of them feature subway platforms with at least one recognizable word. Also, the cleverly chosen costumes help. Take, for example, the Gare du Nord station – the penguin, the eskimo costume… everything adds up.

What makes the series even better is that the pictures look totally natural. It’s as if those rock-and-roll stars, those nuns and that Roman emperor are just waiting for the train like it’s no big deal. They could be pictures of average everyday people, but they’ve all got a great quirky twist.

For a bizarre ride through the Parisian metro, check out the pictures below!

Source: janol-apin.com