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Bored Panda also spoke to animal behavior specialist Vida Radzeviciene about things every parent should know when raising a child and a dog under one roof. “First of all, kids should learn that a dog is not a toy. It’s crucial that children remain under parental supervision when interacting with a dog. It’s important that parents show their kids how to treat a dog, how to play with him and enjoy his company. Tell your little ones that a dog doesn’t like to be disturbed when sleeping or eating, and as a result might become angry.”

“Mutual respect is key. Always educate your kids about how to treat animals. You can’t just go and grab a dog to get his attention, always call him and wait for him to come to you. Any dog can be provoked, especially when there are no adults around. That’s when a dog might decide to discipline your kid himself. Unfortunately, he can’t speak human language, nor does he know how to handle the subtleties of our communication. There’s only one way dogs discipline your ill-behaved kids, and that’s how his own mom would discipline him.”

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