We all love our dogs. We cuddle them, spoil them, and tend to forgive them for whatever mischief they create. When we say – “You’re a good boy!” – we mean it from the bottom of our hearts. Humans share such a close bond that it’s easy to forget that our beloved canines are, after all, animals. They howl, growl, and sorry to tell you the obvious, they bite. Imagine the scenario. A child is pinching a dog, and the dog can’t handle it anymore, when… snap! Who is to blame? People on this thread exposed the danger of letting your kids mistreat animals at home. Repeat after them: “Dogs. Are Not. (f-word). People.” and “even the sweetest animals bite”. It’s time for dog owners (and proud parents) to finally grow up and take full responsibility.

Image credits: dunlaoghairek9

Image credits: dunlaoghairek9

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Cynology expert Mindaugas Sejunas, in an interview with Bored Panda, debunked the popular myth that all dogs love and protect children. “There are plenty of videos online that show kids riding dogs. Everyone brags on Facebook about how well their kid and dog get along. Many parents decide to get a dog for their child so that the little one stays entertained and doesn’t get bored. Some think of a dog as an excellent guardian. This is the biggest mistake an adult can make and it could easily turn into tragedy. There’s a famous story about a dog that was left alone with a crying child. Mom gets irritated, shouts at the kid and leaves the room. After she comes back from the kitchen, she sees her child’s throat torn apart. The dog was put down.”

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