You might think you're not a cat person but the second you lay your eyes on those furry little divas and get to witness their grace firsthand, you become one. Just like these 50 folks.

Just like Twitter user Ruby's (@roobeekeane) dad. At first, he was like 'No no no' but when he heard the 'meow meow meow' he quickly changed his mind. Now the man is showering them with attention and care, spoiling the critters whenever he gets a chance to.

After Ruby tweeted pics of the new friends, they quickly went viral. Now, over 72K likes later, people are sharing their own similar stories, telling how felines are finding ways into their loved ones' hearts.

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Image credits: roobeekeane

Image credits: roobeekeane

Image credits: roobeekeane

"My dad's kind, caring and funny. He can always cheer me up or calm me down," Ruby told Bored Panda.

The family had a very old, sick cat who died in 2018. "It was so sad and traumatic and my dad said 'can we have a year off from having cats?' Little did he know my mum and I had already put down a deposit to adopt two kittens.

"You adopt a cat knowing their lifespan is shorter than yours and you're probably going to be very sad at some point. But the joy and friendship they bring is worth the heartbreak," Ruby explained. "After our old cat died, I think my dad forgot how fun it is to have cats. Also, Lucas and Dustin immediately loved him and sat on him for hours so he didn't have a choice but to bond with them."

Ruby's dad already knows that he's internet-famous and thinks it's hilarious. She also tried explaining it to their cats: "I showed Lucas the post and he batted my phone out of my hand and sniffed it a lot. I think the fame has gone to his head."

The two cats who are responsible for starting this whole thread, Lucas and Dustin, have their own Instagram now. You can follow their fun adventures @CoatedSphynxBoiz!

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