On the small British island of Guern, in the middle of the English Channel, a father gave his four-year-old son a dinosaur. Problem: the dimensions of the “toy,” which the father did not check when ordering on the net. Yes, the child dreamed of a big animal, but in this case, the beast is… more than 6 meters long!

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For months, Theo had told his father, André Bisson, that he wanted to have the biggest Carnotaurus there is. The 4-year-old boy fell in love with Carnotauruses after he had watched the Disney classic Dinosaur. The Carnotaurus was a dangerous predator with arms shorter than T-rex’s and “bull” horns (hence the Taurus in the name), which lived in Patagonia for about 70 million years in the middle Cretaceous period. The father immediately did his research on the net. Finally, his wife saw an advertisement for a nearby amusement park offering one of their decorative statues: a Carnotaurus, just like Theo had wanted.

The opportunity was too excellent. André Bisson immediately spent 1,000 pounds (about 1,200 euros) to acquire the animal without even asking the sender for details on its dimensions. While he was expecting an object at most 3 meters long, the 2-ton monster measured 6.5 by 2.5 meters high. The dinosaur was not only life-size, but weighed almost as much as a real one. The delivery company even had to exchange its usual trucks for a trailer and a crane to transport the animal.

Without any fear, the child seems to have made the animal his best friend. Chaz (the name given by the boy) will stay in his garden until Theo doesn’t want him anymore, which will most likely be never.

Image credits: André Bisson