Some cakes are too cool to eat. And these heavenly delights definitely fall into that category. Bakers from all over the world have been sharing photos of their cakes that look like paradise islands and they're so gorgeous, we just had to make a post about them.

Whether you're craving colorful corals or sandy beaches, forget that holiday package you're saving up for. These cakes have everything you'd expect from a $10K trip for a fraction of the price, and you can eat them too!

One of the artists we featured on the list is Jessica. She runs a custom dessert business in El Salvador, called Paladarte, and has been baking for a living for 7 years now. "I went to a culinary school but I've learned a lot online too," Jessica told Bored Panda.

The idea to make a tasty paradise island cake came to her last year when she saw a mermaid cake with jelly-water. "I loved it and saved it in my 'Future projects' folder (every cake artists has one) but couldn't find the time to actually experiment and make one before the quarantine," Jessica said, adding that making an edible getaway island was her way of escaping the struggles we're all currently facing.

"When baking this cake, the key thing was finding the right consistency for the jelly (I live in a super hot country) without sacrificing the flavor. A cake has to not only look good but taste as well."

Jessica added that she has had a blast making this getaway cake, and has even uploaded video tutorials on the entire process. So if you want to try and create your own little edible paradise island, head over to her YouTube channel and check out how she does it!

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