My name is Steve Wintercroft, and I design three-dimensional animal masks and supply instructions that enable other people to make them. To take raw geometric patterns and turn them into a new object becomes a very rewarding experience. We don’t get enough opportunities to do this as adults. As children, we are all encouraged to make things, birthday cards for our parents, playhouses for our toys and gifts for our friends. My own children often come home from school and proudly present us with a new thing that they have created. As adults, we understand the value of children making things, but we largely underestimate the value of making things by ourselves. There is nobody to give us a nudge or the excuse to make something that has no practical function, to do it just for fun. We are too busy, there are more important things to do, or there is a doubt “I can’t, I’m not creative.”

I would say that making things is important, it enriches our lives, and with a little guidance and encouragement, anybody can do it. I strongly believe that life is better when you make things; they don’t have to be important things.

I’ve designed a set of templates and instructions that enables anyone to build their own Halloween mask from simple card stock. The templates can be downloaded, printed at home, and you could cut and assemble your own paper mask within minutes. For this Halloween, I’ve designed a collection of new DIY masks inspired by traditional Halloween themes. I’ve also included a few new animals to keep things interesting. All of these masks are available on our website. I hope that you have fun building them.

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Dragon mask with claws

Fish mask

Fox mask

Photo by kylafearphotography

Reindeer mask

Wolf and fox masks

Photo by kylafearphotography

Elephant mask

Devil mask

T-rex dinosaur mask

Panda mask

Dragon mask

Demon horns

Sugar skull

Jackal mask

Download, print and cut out

Jaguar mask