I was asked to take part in an art show a few years ago and figured it would be a nice challenge to recreate the set of “Friends.” It was made using 100% recycled paper products and painted in acrylic. Everything you see was hand-cut using an 18mm box cutter and a ruler. Nothing is pre-built or repurposed from anything else. It might not be perfectly to scale, but I was going off just a couple of screenshots.

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Monica’s kitchen

This was my first step: laying out space and fudging the dimensions to how I wanted it

Here you can see the rough-ins for the cabinets

Making the little fridge magnets was probably my favorite part

That blue color mixed perfectly

All the furniture was handmade (hand for scale)

The rough build of the table with a stubby pencil for scale

Different angle for the sink window that shows off the custom-painted curtains

The notorious post and beam… Only really used for the first few episodes of the first season because the cast kept running into it

Kitchen cupbards set dressed and looking great!

And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the classic frame on the door!