We created this fascinating jewelry series almost entirely of paper. When we were first shown the metallic effects from the Fuji Xerox’s Iridesse™ Production Press, we were wowed by its ability to print gold and silver. Having done much print work in our Singapore-based studio, Plus Collaboratives, we knew this was quite unique in the print industry. We were glad to brainstorm for the Fuji Xerox Singapore Team on how to best showcase the metallic prints. Eventually, we decided that it was best showcased through gemstones, with its facets fashioned into different cuts. Each jewelry piece highlighted the reflective printing abilities of the presses and the abilities of its finishers to cut, fold and form the papers into unique forms.

Titled Insecta Iridesse, we crafted 3 collections of jewelry to mimic natural settings of stone, leaves, and the web. Each type features a species of insects with gem-like bodies bearing striking colors produced by the Iridesse™ Production Press. It was a tedious 3-month process for our studio (made of designers and artists of very different interests) to understand the machine, prototype the designs and assemble the eventual pieces. We felt that to inspire corporate consumers with advanced printing technology, the execution needed to be intricate and artistic and could not be happier with the end result. The combination of machine precision and meticulous design demonstrated that creative outputs can be elevated by the technology of print.

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