I’m a collage artist and illustrator who makes collages entirely from magazine strips. I studied painting back in college, and my studies in painting have strongly influenced the direction of my collage work.

I love the collage medium because it’s so flexible. You can layer pieces of paper on top of one another, and if you don’t like the direction a section is moving in, you can collage over it and start over. I also like how when working with paper found in magazines, I never know what I’ll find. I’m constantly stumbling upon interesting colours and patterns. It makes each collage a bit of a surprise since I never know how it will exactly turn out – the colours and textures dictate the direction that each work of art moves in.

I get my inspiration from the world around me, let that be my travels to other cities or wandering around my own hometown. These days I’m very much inspired by animals and finding different ways to capture colourful and interesting creatures in my paper creations.

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