It’s such a nice feeling to see your feed flooded with eco-conscious and positive news about people finally trying to make a change once and for all. After realizing we are facing a terrible plastic pollution problem, people are trying their best to change it for good. Knowing that plastic can take up to 1000 years to dissolve, we have to understand the impact it has on our environment. If we don’t change anything fast, we might face the terrible possibility of extinction of not only a few species but all living beings on this earth.

More info: Make Grow Lab

There’s a new plastic-free packaging initiative that might bring plastic pollution to an end!

The idea that was first thought of by Roza Janusz is called “SCOBY” and it is now developed by the MakeGrowLab in Poland.

This type of packaging is developed by using local agricultural waste and it can be used to not only package products but also for food storage.

The best part about it? It is completely 100% compostable leaving no trash behind

Creators of this product are aiming to raise awareness about the tragic pollution problem we are facing that is caused by producing petroleum-based products such as cotton and leather.

Scoby is aiming to start the “biorevolution”

The material that SCOBY is made of can easily be grown locally and it not only uses little space but also can be made out of local resources.

While being completely compostable, this packaging also helps to regenerate the soil.

You can learn more about this product by watching their video