Astronomy attracts those who love technology and are fascinated by space. After all, it takes the latest engineering feats to probe the cosmos. It’s great that organisations like NASA and the ESA share wonderful images from telescopes like Hubble so we don’t feel left out. However, there are plenty of incredible sights in the night sky that we can see without billion-dollar space telescopes. All you need is a pair of binoculars.Amateur astronomers often rush to buy a fancy telescope to begin exploring the sky at night but binoculars are a better place to start. Using a telescope for astronomy is difficult; lots of people buy one in excitement only to lose interest because it’s tough to learn how to read the night sky and learn how to use a complicated piece of equipment.

You can see some spectacular sights with related but much simpler technology: binoculars. They’re easy to use so you only have to worry about learning where to look. If you end up mastering the navigation of the night sky and have the money then maybe a telescope would be a good upgrade. But for beginners, there’s no reason not to start with binoculars as they let you see some of the most amazing sights. Here’s our top 10 things you can see at night with just binoculars (assuming you live in the northern hemisphere).

1. Moon

How do I find it?

Of all the items on this list, the moon is easiest to find. Just take a look. What’s trickier is knowing the best time to view it in the future. A full moon is actually the worst time as its brightness means you won’t make out as much detail. It’s best to view the moon when it’s new and in twilight.>>>READ MORE