We are two photographers from Turin (Italy) specializing in Pet Photography. In 2009 the DOGS AND US PHOTOGRAPHY were born: starting from our dogs' personal experience, we realize how much the dog-master relationship is predicted and we concentrate on this: we try to grasp what unites them and translate it into images. It would be best if you had empathy, passion, and lots and lots of patience.

The Embrace project: there are too many animals that are looking for a home. And some many kennels and volunteers look after them, taking care of them and putting them back on their feet when they are too weak to do it on their own, trying to regain their trust, caressing them so that they forget indifference and credibility, nourishing them to make a bit of hair reappear and in some fat.

There are so many, these kennels, and so many volunteers that the aid they receive always seems insufficient. And I really am.

We have thought about using our (small) art to help someone.

And we started from here, from the embrace. Because it is an embrace that sometimes saves them, and it is the same embrace that sometimes saves us too. With that embrace, you overcome solitudes and melancholy, and it is an embrace that smiles, that gives confidence.

We wanted to represent and photograph it to reserve a place in our memory. Our protagonists come from kennels or very critical situations. And they are also obviously the people who took them and brought them with them.

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