My husband, Josh and I just brought home an adorable 3lb 8oz male pekingese puppy (3 months old) and were stunned by his likeness to a harp seal pup.

We named him Mushu after the fierce and sassy dragon from Disney’s Mulan. We’re big fans of Disney culture and our goal is to visit every park around the world. In 2017, we visited Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, Walt Disney World (Orlando) and Disneyland (Anaheim) last year. Just Shanghai and Hong Kong to go.

In addition to a harp seal, I’ve seen these animals in him:

Polar Bear – tiny black paws

Piranha – sharp, tiny teeth that can cut flesh (ouch!)

Caterpillar – low, squiggly body

Alpaca – his fur is thick, but soft

Bird – his squeaks and tiny barks

Rabbit – he hops everywhere he goes

Pug – flat muzzle

Lion – long, flowing mane

Here are a few photos of Mushu’s “firsts” in Sunny California that I hope the community will enjoy.

More info: Instagram

Mushu’s 1st Flight

Mushu’s 1st Grooming Appointment

Mushu’s 1st (okay, maybe 1,000th) kiss with my husband

Mushu’s 1st Day at Work

Mushu’s 1st Bath

Mushu’s 1st Visit to the Vet

Mushu’s 1st High Five

Mushu’s 1st Bedtime Cuddle

Mushu’s 1st time being confused as a scarf in the airport

Mushu’s 1st Beach Day

Mushu’s 1st Movie…Isle of Dogs

Mushu’s 1st Library Visit