Every once in a while, animals surprise us by forming unlikely friendships. We’ve already covered the story about a rescue vixen and her best friend, a bulldog, talked about a doggy who invited a stray pregnant cat to give birth inside his doghouse, a beautiful friendship blossoming between a duck and a pupper, and many more. Today, let’s add one more unusual companionship to the list.

This adorable otter that you can see in the pictures below is Sakura, who lives in Japan together with her owners and a kitten, Mochi.

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Every once in a while, animals surprise us by forming unlikely yet absolutely adorable friendships

Image credits: kawauso_sakura

Image credits: kawauso_sakura

Sakura has her own personal Instagram account followed by almost 47k users where her owners post adorable photos of the cutie that sometimes also feature her feline best friend Mochi.

Meet Sakura and Mochi—internet-famous buddies who live in Japan together with their owners

Image credits: kawauso_sakura

The otter also has a popular YouTube channel with 563k subscribers where the owners post all kinds of videos documenting Sakura and Mochi’s (adorable) daily life. One of the most popular videos on the channel that has recently gone viral on the interwebs captures the otter and the kitten cuddling with each other before going to sleep.

One of the most popular YouTube videos of the duo captures them cuddling before going to sleep

In the video, you can see Sakura trying her best to get as close to the kitten as possible, while he seems to not be paying much attention to it. The friends are seen cosily laying on the couch while the otter big-spoons the kitten.

People seem to be absolutely fascinated by these cuddle buddies and their beautiful friendship—since being uploaded, the video has gone viral and it currently has over 8 million views.

Image credits: ma ko

The adorable video currently has over 8 million views and more than 11 thousand comments

Image credits: ma ko

Here’s how people reacted to the video

Though, some people had other things to point out