I'm Tiago Silva (@umtiago on Instagram), and I see the world through my perspective by playing with optical illusion, shadows, perspective, colors by using a lot of creativity. None of the photos used montage or modification software.

I always thought that taking pictures of sunsets and meals are just too dull, so I started creating something new. Every photo is a challenge where I always try to see something unusual. Something that no one has ever seen before. And that could happen everywhere. Most of the time it's very spontaneous: when I'm walking through the city, traveling or at the beach. During the shoot, people always stare at me, probably thinking "this guy is crazy," after seeing me jumping 4744239 times, but when I show them the photo, they realize why I was doing all that and laugh, start following me and sometimes even trying to take the same picture. Inspiration could come from everywhere: a graffiti, a landmark, an object, a shadow, or even a piece of cloth. I never overthink about the future because I never know what photo I'll take next, but I would love to give people some thoughts about how to see and explore the world differently.

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