Creative French artist Etienne Lavie has created a wonderful series of images that picture what several major European cities might look like if all of the advertisements were replaced by classical paintings. The series is aptly named – “OMG who stole my ads?”

We’ve written a lot at Bored Panda about creative print ads and ambient advertisements, but don’t we all sometimes wish that public advertisements would just go away? That seems to be the idea behind Lavie’s playful work.

She uses Milan and Paris as her backdrop – cities that are inextricably linked, architecturally and historically, to the development of classical art as we know it. So, in some sense, the modern ads plastered on every available surface in these cities are even more out of place than they are in newer cities like New York. Replacing modern in-your-face public ads with classical artwork seems to return these cities to their natural state of being.

Lavie created these images by photographing the sites in question and then adding the artwork digitally, so unfortunately, the streets of these beautiful cities haven’t actually been filled with classical art. But one can dream…

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