Every artist has their own favorite subject to capture through various forms of media they might employ. Some choose people, others – stunning landscapes full of life and color. However, there are those who pick something very specific and often close to their own heart. One such artist is Angela Moulton who paints colorful birds with oil on canvas.

Angela is a professional artist who draws inspiration from nature and color. From chickadees to barn swallows, Angela paints stylized bird portraits that are bursting with color. Her signature style is very clear in every piece where thick brushstrokes in various shades of color create one harmonious image.

Splitting her time between Illinois and Idaho, Moulton sells both, her original work and prints of the pieces, online at Pratt Creek Art. You can also watch some of her in-progress videos on her YouTube channel by the same name.

While the artist paints things other than birds, the feathered friends appear most frequently in her work and are some of the best pieces. So scroll down below to check them out. Oh, and don't forget to comment and vote for your favorites!

More info: Pratt Creek Art | Facebook | Instagram

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