We have created a photo series showcasing the damaging effects that climate change will have on some of the world’s most loved tourist landmarks.

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Statue of Liberty, New York – Now

The sight we all associate with the USA. Visitors to NYC must see the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty, New York – Future

Rising water levels will engulf cities around the world, leaving the 93m Statue of Liberty barely visible above the water.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Now

The beautiful Great Barrier Reef is a magical array of life and color, which water babies visiting Australia love to explore.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Future

Warmer temperatures, ocean pollution, and coral bleaching will kill off all of the vibrant marine life that light up the Barrier Reef.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil – Now

One of the most iconic places in the world, people flock to Brazil to marvel at the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil – Future

Deforestation is already a huge threat to this natural landscape, and will eventually leave the area bare – killing off all of the wildlife that lives there.

Antarctica – Now

Somewhat mystical Antarctica is known as a beautiful white landscape we all dream of exploring.

Antarctica – Future

Rising temperatures will cause the ice to melt, leaving a bare landscape underneath. Rising sea levels could erase the country, leaving the animals who roam here with no way of survival.

Parthenon, Greece – Now

One of the most iconic places in the world, the Parthenon still stands after thousands of years.

Parthenon, Greece – Future

Carbon emissions, frequent tourism, and acid rain will cause this ancient structure to crumble.