In Asia we have a very beautiful country where there is Never Ending Peace And Love ( NEPAL). Nepal has always been a country of interest for many travelers, adventurer and nature lovers. The country will help you to create new experiences which will make you feel like it is your second home and your memories will recall you to the land again and again. Nepal has been going through different obstacles like April/ 25/ 2015, when the devastating earthquake happened, the India border close, unstable government and more. With the highest mountain in the world ( Mount Everest) and Birthplace of Buddha ( Lumbini) the charm of the country is always shining.

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Nepal is a multi-linguistic, cultural, racial and ethnical country. Every year thousands of travelers trek “Mount Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Poon hill” and other long and short trekking trails. Unique architecture, amazing panoramic views of landscape, Lakes, National parks, wildlife, etc has always amazed travelers. Magnificent UNESCO cultural heritage sites around Kathmandu like Pasupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Kathmandu Durbar Square manifest multi religious values. Pokhara, second popular tourist destination after Kathmandu, shares its stunning beauty of lakes, mountain view and caves. Pokhara is also one of the most famous Paragliding spots and honeymoon destinations for locals of Nepal. Exploring the National Park in Chitwan will provide you insight in Nepal’s wildlife and visiting Lumbini can give you a lifetime opportunity to witness the footprint of Lord Buddha and encourage you towards meditation.

Along different travel opportunities you can also find a wide range of volunteering options in Nepal such as Teaching English, Helping out at a Monastery, Animal care, Medical internship, Assisting at disabled care, Women Empowerment program, reconstruction work, Photography, journalism and many more. is a social organization, whose aim is to sponsor vulnerable children. Currently, Inxchan is supporting 11 children of a non-profit children’s home and 10 children of rural areas, whose family income is less than $50 per month and also providing regular volunteer english teacher to a local monastery facilitating english classes to more than 30 monks. Inxchan aim is to sponsor more than 100 rural children with education in the upcoming year and provide regular supply of food, stationery, clothes, etc to needy charities.

Inxchan volunteer and travel program is setup in such a way that participants can experience humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous trips around Nepal. Participants will be volunteering for vulnerable children, taking sponsorships for rural children to provide access to education, learning to create local handcrafts, visiting local markets and UNESCO culture heritage sites, having classes about Nepali language, culture and food, living in a Monastery and helping monks with English classes, learning meditation and about Buddhism, hiking in mountains, boating, exploring caves and the program ends with Paragliding.

This initiative of Inxchan is changing the way of traveling and giving an opportunity for people who want to do something new and different in their lives with creating a meaningful experience. There are lots of people in the world who want to travel to find their purpose of life and Inxchan aims to provide a piece to that. Join Volunteer in Nepal program for a New Beginning Of Life.

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