All serious-faced and in tailored dark suits – that is a common image of the world leaders in news media. But not in the new ad campaign by the Lithuanian news media website 15min. Professionally manipulated images feature Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in hilariously funny beach situations.

Take the US Republican candidate Donald Trump. Over sun-tanned, dressed in a navy T-shirt and red swim trunks, he is being offered some after sun lotion. Not a bad idea for someone who is world known for his hot temper.

Or take Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, trying to tease and tickle a woman’s feet while comfortably lying nearby on the beach. Couldn’t be more accurate: Vladimir Putin is well known for teasing and playing with Russia’s neighbors.

The third ad of the series features Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and it seems to recreate the mood of a famous project „Follow me“ by Murad Osman: being led by the hand of his girlfriend to the exotic locations in all his photos. In Merkel’s case, she does seem to offer a friendly hand: either to the European nations or the refugees that have flooded to Europe in recent years.

The ad campaign which was created and designed by „New!“ agency in Lithuania suggests an idea that the news is with you on holiday too: when the news consumption shifts primarily to the mobile devices on the beach or other summer locations.

Vladimir Putin: just teasing

Donald Trump: got some after sun lotion?

Angela Merkel: hold my hand