Even though plenty of countries are relaxing coronavirus lockdown rules and businesses are reopening, the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere. This means that wearing a mask is just as important now as it was a month or two ago. However, masks are only recommended, not compulsory in many places, even though wearing one makes a huge difference.

Researcher Rich Davis showed everyone on Twitter just how important wearing a mask is with a simple experiment using agar cultures. The scientist demonstrated that masks greatly reduce the spread of respiratory droplets and bacteria. Which is a win when we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Dr. Davis told Bored Panda that he was asked to try and show the effectiveness of mask-wearing. “This type of demonstration isn’t new which is one reason I’ve definitely been surprised at the huge online response.” Scroll down to see what a difference wearing a mask makes and read on for the rest of our interview with Dr. Davis.

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Rich Davis demonstrated just how big of a difference wearing a mask makes

He then showed what effect keeping your distance has