Everyone makes mistakes and there’s no shame in that—mistakes are what make us human. However, some blunders are way more hilarious than others and that’s why they deserve a whole separate post on Bored Panda.

Recently, people on Twitter found themselves laughing way too hard at one mistake that the newspaper The Baltimore Sun published by accident. While it’s hilarious now that the error has been cleared up and explained, imagine the number of people this Sunday close to the brink of tears or a half-breakdown because they couldn’t bring themselves to solve a simple puzzle⁠—spotting the differences in two seemingly similar images. “We must wonder how many were finally driven over the edge by this,” one Twitter user notes, and we can’t help but wonder too.

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This Sunday, newspaper The Baltimore Sun printed a seemingly easy-to-solve puzzle

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Probably the majority of us love such riddles that involve spotting the differences between two images. They’re fun, they’re easy, and they make you more attentive to details. However, the spot-the-difference puzzle that was printed in this Sunday’s The Baltimore Sun had two identical pictures instead of slightly alternated ones. Can you imagine the frustration of those trying to spot the differences?

But one of the writers for the newspaper took to Twitter to share the hilarious error they made

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Turns out, the two printed images were identical

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The text in the “Corrections” section in the newspaper read: “The images in the ‘Spot the difference’ feature in the Sunday, April 26, editions were mistakenly the same image and not in fact different. The Baltimore Sun regrets the error.” Do you, Baltimore Sun?

The correction published by the newspaper was shared by Nathan Ruiz—one of the writers working for The Baltimore Sun. His tweet soon went viral, with almost 10k people retweeting it and around 75k people liking it.

As it later turned out, the spot-the-difference puzzle was making some feel like they were going insane: “I typically never pay attention, but my 6-year-old was sitting next to me and I asked her,” one person shares on Twitter. “She looked and looked and said they’re the same. I had to verify but couldn’t believe it till I saw someone else tweet about it. Thought I was going nuts as a shut-in.”

Naturally, Twitter was having a field day

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There were people falling right into the trap, even though they knew that both pictures were the same

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Some, like us, were worried about the poor souls on Sunday trying to solve the riddle

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