After posting a heartwarming image of 101-year-old great-grandmother Rosa Camfield holding her two-week-old great-granddaughter Kaylee, the Life Of Dad social network was flooded with similar touching images from its readers. Readers from around the world showed the oldest members of their families together with the youngest, the latter being newborn babies in most of the images.

The biggest age gap submitted by one of their readers turned out to be 112 years. Many readers were struck with the many experiences that separated the people in the pictures and the family bonds that united them.

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Rosa Camfield, 101, with her two-week-old great-granddaughter Kaylee

Rosa was born in 1913 and passed away on March 30, 2015

She lived through the Great Depression, the Dustbowl…

…and three marriages, the last of which was in her 80s

She returned to college at 43 years of age to become a teacher

She inspired other to post their images: 112-year difference

Image source: Breean Ferreira

104-year difference

Image source: Gaby Luna

99-year difference

Image source: Laura Kayizzi

96-year difference

Image source: Kristian Rubino

101-year difference

Image source: Candice Joynt

101-year difference

Image source: Amanda E Garber