There’s nothing fun about passports, right? In fact, the little passport book is probably the most serious piece of documentation a person might get; it’s your identity, and without it, you can’t even buy booze in most of the countries.

The Canadian passport has potentially earned the unexpected distinction of being the coolest passport to pull out at a rave. The pages of the new passport (released in mid-2013) are covered in fun and colorful UV-reactive hidden images that can only be seen under a blacklight.

The “secret” UV images are cleverly incorporated into the parts of each page that are visible under normal lighting so that the two complement each other when seen under UV light. These images, along with a biometric chip in the back of the passport, are all security measures designed to ensure that duplicating or forging a passport would be as tricky and complicated as possible.

Now, scroll down below to check the cool photos of the Canadian passport for yourself! We’ve also added another passport that is actually a fun flip book, just to prove that your ID bearer shouldn’t be oh so serious as you might think!

(h/t: chachichachichicken)

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