In many cases, neighbors can make or break your living situation. Some of them can become your close friends that will always have your back no matter what, while others you may never even talk to, and some… well, some neighbors can singlehandedly turn your life into a living nightmare. Today, let’s talk about the last category.

A few years ago, an Imgur user named ChefShwasty shared a story about his own neighbors that turned out to be, let’s say, not the nicest ones. Strap yourselves in and get ready ’cause this one is gonna be quite a ride.

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“On March 19th, we got new neighbors”

One fateful day, ChefShwasty and his girlfriend got new neighbors. The couple was quite used to people moving in and out of the building since it happened quite often. “I gave them my phone number and told them that if they needed anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. I also mentioned that I have an electronic drum kit (the words “drinking” in her text autocorrected from “drumming”), and that I only really use it a few times a week, for half an hour, around 4-o’clock when I get off work. I asked her that if is ever a bother, or wakes up the baby, or if we’re ever too loud at ALL, to please let us know,” the user writes in his post. The man also mentions that he previously had done the same with older tenants, but had never gotten any complaints.

“I gave them my phone number and told them that if they needed anything, please don’t hesitate to ask”

Image credits: ChefShwasty

The next morning, the man received a message from them asking to hold off drumming for an hour or so. The funny thing is, at the time of receiving the message, he was slicing onions. No drumming, just cutting vegetables. “That was the first text. What follows is a story of harassment, stalking, and blackmail,” the user notes.

“This is my Yamaha electric kit. She’s my baby”

Image credits: ChefShwasty

“This is my Yamaha electric kit. She’s my baby. I saved for a year to get this, because not being able to drum was slowly driving me insane. It’s a form of therapy for me. It’s relaxing. And, what’s more, is that I felt good at it. I’m shy and introverted by nature, but drumming was the one thing I felt good enough to show other people,” ChefShwasty explains.

Texts like these complaining about the drumming became frequent. The guy even changed his drumming schedule to have some time for it when the neighbors weren’t home.

“Would you mind holding off drumming for about an hour?”

Image credits: ChefShwasty

One time, the man got a message complaining about the sounds while he was at work and his girlfriend was at home watching TV. “She later sent me a video of how loud it was, and I could barely make out dialogue on the TV,” the user wrote.

“Watcha watching? Sounds dramatic. ;)”

Image credits: ChefShwasty

One time, the man messaged the neighbors and warned them in advance that his friend was going to come over that night and he’d like to try out his electric kit. “If it gets too loud or too late, PLEASE let me know,” he wrote in the message.