A family in Florida heard something alarming coming from their neighbor’s house: what sounded like a woman’s voice screaming for help. Fearing the worst, they called the police to investigate. A home security camera caught the moment when several officers arrived at the suspect’s house to find a much funnier explanation than the twisted crime scene they were prepared for.

The video shows the officers approaching a man calmly doing some mechanic work in his driveway. In response to their questioning, he just laughs, offers to show the cops the source of the screaming, and comes back a minute later with Rambo, his beloved yellow-naped Amazon parrot, perched on his hand.

Image credits: PBCountySheriff

This Florida man was working in his driveway when the police showed up

He laughed when he realized who they were there to see

The culprit was a parrot, who owners say can usually be found screaming to himself