Those who read Bored Panda frequently already know how not to design a company logo. But instead of trying to avoid bad logo ideas, it’s much more productive to take a look at some of the best logo design examples.

Remember Negative Space Art by Noma Bar and Tang Yau Hoong? Those same design ideas can be easily applied in creative logo design.

Marketers say that a good logo should look good, be memorable, and also communicate the idea of the business with its clever design. By using negative space technique it is possible to kill two birds with one stone!

A hidden message within your clever logos will not only “grab” the viewer’s attention, but at the same time, the creative design tells a lot about the company. Take a look at these 30 clever examples of negative space logos to see what we mean!

1. Eagle Mountain Capital

Designer: vasvari

2. Flight Finder

Designer: Rajendra Prasad A

3. VinoPiano

Designer: Mootto Studio

4. Endurance Shoes

Designer: Abdallah Ahizoune

5. Wine Searcher


Designer: itsgareth

6. Pencil

Designer: reghardt

7. Dig

Designer: Matto

8. Newcastle Food & Wine Festival

Designer: Jacob Cass

9. Royal Clothes

Designer: Abdallah Ahizoune

10. Linha Mountain

Designer: Alexandre Nami

11. Art Peak

Designer: shtef sokolovich

12. Wine Forest

Designer: jeriahblau

13. Circus of Magazines


Designer: logotomy

14. Storm Foundry

Designer: Gert van Duinen

15. Food Writers

Designer: 300million

16. Snooty Peacock

Designer: Ryan Russell

17. Mask

Designer: Abdallah Ahizoune

18. City Direct

Designer: Logomotive

19. Lab Open

Designer: Abdallah Ahizoune

20. Elefont

Designer: m1sternoname

21. Yoga Australia


Designer: unknown

22. Breast Doctor

Designer: vast

23. Illusion

Designer: Anthony Lane

24. Ed’s Electric

Designer: Siah-Design

25. Pelican

Designer: ru_ferret

26. Paint The City

Designer: HitByReindeer

27. Happy Cat-Fish

Designer: Siah-Design

28. My Shirt

Designer: Paulius Kairevicius

29. Wine Quotations


Designer: Julius Seniunas

30. Black Cat

Designer: vasvari