Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto in her art captures unique connection between animals and children using only black and white watercolors. Small, vulnerable children stand alongside creatures of the wild, like elephants, wolves and bears with peace and confidence. Those dreamlike-scenes are both tranquil and contemplative.
“Nature is my teacher, my inspiration, my remedy! It is as true as an old Latin saying, “NATURA NIHIL FRUSTRA FACIT”, which means “Nature does nothing in vain”. Back in the old days, we used to live in nature, side by side with all its element; us humans, animals and plants, in harmony. We used to live in balance and complement each other. This thought brings such a calming effect to me, and when I put it in a painting, I feel wonderful peace inside. I want people to feel it too” says the artist.

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Winter wind

Comforting sounds


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