I am Jessica Colaluca, a creator of Design Seeds. A color schemes and inspiration site, Design Seeds celebrate the hues found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living.

Little did I know what a universal passion my love for color palettes was. Design Seeds has become my full-time job and a passion project that gratefully continues to grow. Over the years, folks have written to me and shared what Design Seeds mean to them and how they are inspired by my pick of colors. Designers, artists, crafters, people planning weddings, home decorating, and more have found inspiration in Design Seeds color matching. I have also received very touching and personal emails from those in emotionally trying times who find a breath of happiness by immersing themselves in the process of creating color palettes. Folks in remission have told me they “feel” the hues of the color wheel more intensely than before chemo, and Design Seeds have a therapeutic effect on them.

Since January 2015, I have begun accepting photo submissions for Design Seeds, and the creative synergy of the growing community has been incredible. Talented folks from around the world share their photos via Instagram using the SeedsColor hashtag, for creating color palettes from images.

The beautiful words of the following Indian Proverb best express the ethos of Design Seeds – “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”

More info: design-seeds.com

Color Dew

Photo by @gneissmouse

Fresh Palette

Photo by @_ewabakrac

A Door Hues

Photo by @mikefanfulli

Papered Petals

Photo by @apetalunfolds

Rustic Tones

Photo by @erikadeliadesign

Field Tones

Photo by @julie_audet

Flora Hues

Photo by @auntieclaras

Wanderlust Hues

Photo by @angiesacher

Rustic Tones

Photo by @erikadeliadesign

Flora Palette

Photo by @natashakolenko

Color Set

Photo by @ozgecenberci

Succulent Hues

Photo by @1lifethroughthelens

Color Perched

Photo by @magimare

Color Surf

Photo by @lizlangley

Setting Tones

Photo by @orangiepink

Color Canal

Photo by @peoniesncream

Setting Hues

Photo by @ozgecenberci

Produced Hues

Photo by @giant_origami

Confetti Hues

Photo by @colourspeak_kerry_

Color Sail

Photo by @danny_englander