Aaron Schuerr has many descriptions to his name: artist, writer, actor, husband, and father. And while all have a certain distinction to them, one of those connects him to other people on a much deeper level. Art is what Schuerr uses to translate the experiences of nature to other people. "Though painting is largely a solitary endeavor, it is never a lonely one because I am invited to share in the ineffable mystery of beauty," he explains.

Schuerr's artwork encapsulates the beauty of nature, portraying various landscapes in vivid colors and combinations. The artist juxtaposes his pieces to the subject which in his work becomes a frame, a perfect background that seamlessly blends with art to create one breathtaking image. "My art is borne out of my struggle to absorb, comprehend, and understand the natural world. I’m overwhelmed, and yet I can’t tear myself away," he details, "and so I paint, so as to stand there for just a little longer." The artist says that he started painting early, while pursuing an art degree in Scotland, working in both oils and pastels. He moved to Montana after he graduated, citing the surrounding area as the source of inspiration. "We reside in Livingston, Montana, a small town at the foot of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and within striking distance of Yellowstone National Park. Basically, I've got a lifetime worth of inspiration a short drive from my home," Aaron told Bored Panda.

The colorful landscapes take the viewer on a journey and allow them to experience nature through the eyes of the artist. "No two people experience a sunset in the same way and yet we can experience it together," Aaron adds. So take a look at the pieces yourself and don't forget to comment and vote on your favorites!

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The artist says that his goal is not to impress people with his art, but to share his experiences "with honesty and without fear". And while it might not be his primary goal, Aaron's pieces are truly impressive. That's why he has quite a large list of gallery shows and awards, 2018 Award of Merit from Oil Painters of America and 2013 Award of Excellence from American Impressionist Society among some of them.

"Over the past handful of years, I've set up my easel in some far-flung places, from remote villages in Morocco, to the seaside cliffs of Maui, from the emerald fields of Ireland to the deserts of the Southwest," Schuerr recalls. He says that one of the craziest experiences seeking inspiration for his art was a six-day solo painting trip across the Grand Canyon, where he started from the north rim and and painted his way across and out the south rim.

The artist says he's most drawn to wild places, like the mountains near his home or the crashing waves on the California coast. "There's something elemental about nature in all its rawness. It reminds me that in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty insignificant," he explains. Although the thought might seem depressing Aaron reassures that he thinks in completely different terms. "It's really liberating to know that there are forces beyond my comprehension. I think I paint just to try to get my head around that, if only a little," he adds.

When looking for locations to paint, the artists seeks what he calls "the initial sensation", something that catches his eye, like the shape of a mountain or the light on a creek. "A compelling landscape is about the relationship of interesting shapes. It's not enough for a landscape to be beautiful, it has to work on an abstract level for it to be worth painting," Schuerr explains his process.

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