When you hear the term 'national emergency,' perhaps it brings to mind doomsday 'Day After Tomorrow' or 'Independence Day' scenarios - but in fact, there were 31 active national emergencies ongoing in the U.S until recently and most people probably didn't know. Which is why when President Donald Trump declared the 32nd national emergency in an ongoing battle for his U.S-Mexico border wall, he didn't get the response he expected.

Saturday Night Live responded with a classic Alec Baldwin parody sketch of the announcement and then Twitter took it from there. Online users tweeted out how they were surviving since the ominous declaration with the hashtag #NotesFromNationalEmergency and it is clear the nation is suffering from nothing short of a zombie apocalypse. Scroll down below to see how people are handling the end of days and don't forget to upvote your favs!

Image credits: Cleaduvall

The National Emergencies Act of 1976 was signed by President Gerald Ford. Every six months the House and the Senate are to review the declaration to see if it’s still necessary. Both chambers of Congress can pass a joint resolution to end national emergencies.

Scott Anderson Pulp Writer ☯️Dudeist Priest
My dog is of Mexican heritage and he has no immigration paperwork that I know of. Fearing deportation I’ve disguised him as a porcupine. #NotesFromNationalEmergency
4:12 PM - 17 Feb 2019

KavaScott Report

Kaisu Rei 8 months ago

Where is the dog in this picture? I only see a confused porcupine

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Brad Shreve
We're hunkered under the bed here in Los Angeles. Mariachi music has been playing since last night and gets closer each hour. We have Duolingo on our phones and are hastily trying to learn Spanish. #NotesFromNationalEmergency
3:12 AM - 17 Feb 2019

BradShreve Report

released kraken 8 months ago

iconic tweets of 2019

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Dear Americans,
We have a place, a compound. We have a community. It's safe here. How many of you are there?
Your friendly neighbours,
4:59 AM - 17 Feb 2019

CanadianGolfer4 Report

Withnail 8 months ago (edited)

They go by different names, right? You got world religion and mythology that’s full of mentions of demons or spirit creatures. People who’ve actually seen these creatures almost always describe their encounter as this, as with an entity that takes on a form of your worst fears, or your deepest sadness, or your greatest loss... TRUMP.

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I Resist
I caught two brown people inside my house, eating my food, using my bathrooms, etc. Every time I called to them to “Stop,” they just kept avoiding me. I finally caught one by his arm, and he said to me “Dad, are you okay?” #NotesFromNationalEmergency
6:06 AM - 17 Feb 2019

bearandbugpapa Report

HANS 8 months ago

I can hear the Trumpanzees shouting "Lock them up!"

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Running low on hamberders and covfefe. Things have not been this dire since the Massacre at Bowling Green.
5:39 AM - 17 Feb 2019


Night Owl 8 months ago


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Ada Caceres
For some reason I can’t tune in to all the reports about caravans, MS-13, and illegal drugs being smuggled into the country because networks insist on covering mass shootings instead.
3:11 PM - 17 Feb 2019

adacaceres Report

Kaisu Rei 8 months ago

America's gun politics is definitely a massively bigger emergency than the damn caravans

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Dr. DaShanne Stokes
For the confused:

-There's no emergency. This is a fraud.
-Immigrants are human.
-Nazis are bad.
-Border crossings are way down.
-Immigrants commit less crime.
-Abusing power is grounds for removal.
-Doing nothing to stop this madness is complicity.

4:28 PM - 17 Feb 2019

DaShanneStokes Report

Don Flynn 8 months ago

100% in agreement... the only national emergency is that our president is a f'n idiot....

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Susan Balch
#NotesFromNationalEmergency My dog, half chihuahua, is showing signs of rebellion. I have ICE on speed dial. Wish me luck.
1:11 AM - 18 Feb 2019

Playa305 Report

- 8 months ago

Awwww. Cute babyyyyy!!

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Mama Kin
All's well here in SE New Mexico. Sat on the porch watching nobody go by. It got windy. I saw tumbleweeds roll by. My chickens didn't like the tumbleweed.
2:45 AM - 17 Feb 2019

LittleMamaKin Report

Rachel Franke 8 months ago

Thoughts and prayers for all the poor chickens being attacked by the tumbleweed menace!

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Nathan H. Rubin
Notes from National Emergency, Day 2:

Things were cold, and dark. Until about 8am.

Then the sun came up. And I walked to the bagel store for breakfast.

On my way I encountered “others”.

Walking their dogs, pushing their strollers, going for a brisk run.

More to come.
6:58 PM - 16 Feb 2019

NathanHRubin Report

Vic 8 months ago

Hilarious 🤣🤣

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 ♻️ 🇺🇸 Christopher Zullo
Take note. If Donald Trump has the authority to declare a National Emergency over the southern border then I contend the next Democratic President has the authority to declare national emergencies over climate change, gun violence and healthcare access #NotesFromNationalEmergency
3:02 PM - 17 Feb 2019

ChrisJZullo Report

Wil Vanderheijden 8 months ago (edited)

By the time the dotard is going to leave the White House, the GOP will suddenly push for laws to limit the powers of the next Democratic president. Imagine that there will be a new tax reform where rich people actually do have to pay taxes.

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Son2 has given me his cough. I suspect he had been sneaking out at night to run around with the bad ombrés. We are only 100 miles away from the border.

Ok, the Canadian border but still.

2:07 AM - 17 Feb 2019


Kaisu Rei 8 months ago

"Bad ombrés" 😂😂

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Smokey T. Cat
Even now hundreds, if not thousands, of illegal butterflies are crossing the border at the National Butterfly Center to steal our nectar.
3:41 PM - 17 Feb 2019

SmokeyTCat Report

Wanda Queen 8 months ago


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Craig Rozniecki
So I called 9-1-1 to report an emergency at the southern border and am now in jail for making a false report.
#NotesFromNationalEmergency #Snark
6:01 AM - 17 Feb 2019

CraigRozniecki Report

CultOfBambi 8 months ago

LOL - I see what you did there...

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The Children are still MISSING
For dessert, I had Key Lime pie. Then I realized...Key Limes are also known as
*Mexican lime*...which means they've infiltrated further than we thought. We may be too late for that wall. I sighed, and ordered a 2nd slice.
7:16 AM - 17 Feb 2019

MonkyChi83 Report

released kraken 8 months ago

key lime pie is worth it

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Gas rationing has apparently begun. Service station attendant stopped at 4 gallons, and REFUSED to continue pumping. I demanded more. He pointed out that it was a motorcycle, and that the tank was full. #NotesFromNationalEmergency
3:49 PM - 17 Feb 2019

MononymousSean Report

yikes 8 months ago

dear god...

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Asha Rangappa
Fellow patriots,

I have been forced to flee to the mountains with my kith and kin. When the temperatures drop we huddle in the hot tub and try to warm our bodies with wine.

We will return when it is safe.

5:17 PM - 17 Feb 2019

AshaRangappa_ Report

Kaisu Rei 8 months ago

What an awful exile they must go through in the name of National Emergency

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Urethra Franklin
#NotesFromNationalEmergency i hear lots of kids running and screaming outside. turns out the neighbors kids were having fun.

i swear i thought it was migrant caravans making their way though my neighborhood, destroying everything
1:42 AM - 17 Feb 2019

tecasse Report

Kaisu Rei 8 months ago

I laughed so hard at this

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Shannon Woodward Haughey
Walked outside and thought I saw a caravan. After further investigation, it was a minivan. I’m ok. #NotesFromNationalEmergency
3:42 AM - 17 Feb 2019

slwh Report

M O'Connell 8 months ago

Was it a Dodge?

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Jess Phoenix  🌋
I spoke Spanish in public with Carlos. People were fainting in the street. Mass hysteria nearly erupted.

1:49 AM - 17 Feb 2019

jessphoenix2018 Report

yikes 8 months ago

oh carlos

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Rachel Dzanashvili
Dear Mother,

Despite the national emergency, I ventured out to Trader Joe's today. I knew the nation was in trouble as they only sold one type of mustard and kale chips could not be found; I was forced to buy non-organic avocados for my toast.

6:51 PM - 17 Feb 2019

rachel_dz Report

Vic 8 months ago

Oh the horror..

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Donald J. Drumpf
#NotesFromNationalEmergency Crisis at Mar-a-Lago as the undocumented immigrant who usually does my orangeface didn’t show up today. Tried by myself but missed a big spot. Felt fat. Had two omelets and some pancakes to cheer myself up. Wore beige. Maybe not the best color for me.
6:34 AM - 17 Feb 2019

RealDonalDrumpf Report

kathryn stretton 8 months ago

Wish he would just beige away.

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Ken Beck
(Sad violin music.)
My Dearest Martha,
It is with a trembling hand that I write to you during this national crisis. Tell Pappy I am safe here in Minnesota. Supplies are running a bit low. Three were only 4 flavors of Doritos available at the store.

3:46 AM - 17 Feb 2019

kbeck001 Report

Wanda Queen 8 months ago

I need to know, no matter how it hurts......were there any bags of original flavor left?

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Rise Above 💋
Day 3:
It was utter chaos in the store.
Bottled water supplies are diminishing.
Paper goods and gardening tools are scarce. Corned beef was a victim due to no walls. Only a picture is left in place. SPAM. IS. LOCKED. UP.
I hope we survive this day.

4:49 PM - 17 Feb 2019

chaoticfiesta Report

Tim P. 8 months ago

I always knew the day would come, but I never thought they'd actually go through with it! Spam has been deemed a controlled substance, only for sale to those with a prescription. I dread the day my stockpile is exhausted and I'm forced to turn tricks to get my jelly covered meat fix. Well played Trump. Well played.

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Mike Day III  🏳️‍🌈
I just discovered that a co-worker of mine can speak fluent Spanish, he claims he’s from some place called “Pennsylvania.” Not only have they invaded but the took away a job that belongs to an American! #NotesFromNationalEmergency
2:24 PM - 17 Feb 2019

MykeyDay3 Report

Senora Pyles 8 months ago

Geiger you're ignorant, not funny. Obama new all fifty. Trump only knows one RUSSIA

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Yvonne Caruthers  🔥
I was so tired this evening I almost fell asleep on the train....but then I remembered that we’re in a National Emergency and I jolted awake. 🥵

When I looked around I didn’t see anything suspicious. Whew! Close call!

2:35 AM - 17 Feb 2019

resuitener Report

Kaisu Rei 8 months ago (edited)

Gotta stay alert at all times in a National Emergency like this!

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#NotesFromNationalEmergency Bought provisions (wine and tequila). Was fully prepared to loot, though it seemed unnecessary and perhaps unwelcome at Whole Foods.
2:41 AM - 17 Feb 2019

pumpkinandy Report

Wanda Queen 8 months ago


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I have laundry to do. But why bother given it is Day 2 of the national emergency. I looked outside and saw a guy in a van. I thought to myself, "Van, is part of the word caraVAN." Hmmm.... #NotesFromNationalEmergency
2:50 AM - 17 Feb 2019

HawaiiDelilah Report

Kaisu Rei 8 months ago


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Molly Jong-Fast
Only one way to survive a national emergency and that’s a few hours of Palm beach golf followed by an omelette from the omelette station, a long call with Sean Hannity and then some tweets about how I’m actually building the wall right now. #NotesFromNationalEmergency
5:51 AM - 17 Feb 2019

MollyJongFast Report

Monty Glue 8 months ago

And off to bed at 6:30pm with my cheeseburgers. Be sure to lock the door too!

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I Resist
I caught two brown people inside my house, eating my food, using my bathrooms, etc. Every time I called to them to “Stop,” they just kept avoiding me. I finally caught one by his arm, and he said to me “Dad, are you okay?” #NotesFromNationalEmergency
6:06 AM - 17 Feb 2019

bearandbugpapa Report

Monty Glue 8 months ago

Intruder alert

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