Parenting is by no means a competition, but winning at it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. After all, there is no bigger joy for a parent than to see their kids grow up to be good and successful people.

Britney Tankersley found herself at a local Walmart at 9PM trying to find a pair of matching shirts for her son Myles and his friend Tanner to wear on Twin Day. She never saw Tanner, she had no idea what size shirt to get for him, but Myles insisted that he looks just like Tanner: both have brown eyes, dark hair.

Bored Panda got in touch with Britney Tankersley. Britney lives in Foley, Alabama together with her husband of 12 years and her 3 adorable children.

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Briney Tankersley, a mother of 3, was brought to tears by how sweet her son’s Twin Day photo was

Image credits: Britney Tankersley

“The Twin Day was just one of the fun dress-up days for Red Ribbon Week at their school,” explained Britney. “My daughter already had a twin. We had it planned for a few weeks, but Myles is in Kindergarten, so I didn’t know any parents to connect with in his class.”

As she was telling her daughter before bed to have her twin outfit ready for the next day, it seemed that this same thought clicked in Myles’ head: “He popped up and said ‘Oh! I asked Tanner if he wanted to be my twin tomorrow and he said yes.’ I’m just sitting there… at 8 o’clock at night… who’s Tanner? I don’t know his mom… what size is he?!”

The photo of her son Myles together with his twin buddy Tanner went viral almost immediately

Image credits: Britney Tankersley

After some motherly detective work, she finally got in touch with Tanner’s mom: “So I texted the teacher, who gave me Tanner’s mother’s name, but didn’t have access to her phone number at the time. So, I started Facebook messaging & texting everyone in our little town to see if they knew her. Her FB was deactivated at the time. I finally got her number about 8:30PM and asked if she was OK with the boys being twins the next day. She didn’t mind. So, I got his size and headed to Walmart to get matching outfits.”

Tired and grumpy that she’s in Walmart at this hour shopping for children’s clothing, Britney took a gamble with the “Future Leader” flannel shirts and hoped it fits her son’s friend. Pleased with the new identical apparel, Myles wore his shirt to school, carrying the other for Tanner to wear in his backpack.

Image credits: Britney Tankersley

Wanting to see how “identical” they really are, Britney reached out to the teacher and asked her to send a picture of the boys in their twin attire. When she finally got the photo, she was left surprised and in tears because of how sweet it all was.

There he was, Myles and his twin friend Tanner wearing the “Future Leaders” shirts she bought. She knew they looked nothing alike, but she was extremely proud of her son believing they are. Britney expected to see a completely different kid there, but Myles’ “color-blindness” melted her heart.

The Facebook post garnered over half a million reactions & over 265,000 shares

Image credits: Britney Tankersley

She was so moved by her son that she posted about it on Facebook. The message resonated with the Internet and it went viral almost immediately. At the moment of this article, Britney’s post got over 480,000 reactions and was shared over 255,000 times.

“The fact that the photo went viral is still pretty mind-boggling,” said Britney. “It practically happened overnight. I’m glad it did because the message we’re trying to send is something the world needs to hear.”

Image credits: Britney Tankersley

It turns out that Myles’ and Tanner’s families live near each other. They have finally had a chance to meet and spend some time together since the post went viral.

Britney’s Facebook post resonated with the Internet, receiving a lot of love & praise…