I have a bunch of photo, ranging from stylish take to embarrassing selfie, but mostly it’s all too ordinary. So I decide to add some element to make it a little more interesting. I’ve seen another artist fusing their photo with some drawing, and I find it unique enough to stand out among others. So I start to make my own drawing on my photo. Since I’m familiar with anime from the young age, I decide to draw anime character to interact with my photo. The result: it’s not that bad.

I usually draw on another person’s photo because I found that others have so many shots that clicked with my ideas. Mostly I uploaded to my Instagram page which you can find with the hashtag #MyDoodleLife. But that’s another story.

For this time, I just want to share pictures of anime character that interact with my own photo. You can check out the result if you interested.

More info: Instagram

Kawaii-ness of Berserk Healer

Assassination never be this fun

Bond of Sichibukai

…and bond of Nakama

Glasses Lover Club

Don’t let the appearance fools you, this little kawaii girl actually a professor that way, way smarter than me

Part of the Guild

Who can refuse a Deleali Challenge from this cute little Platelet Chan? Nobody!

Dragon Maiden

I know this is not an anime, but doing Banana Fight with adorable little Minion, why not?!