l like doodling whenever I can, everywhere. l just can’t stop my behaviour to take a little time drawing whatever wandering in my head, take them on paper; and sometimes on another media: wall, my desk, floor, leaves… basically, everywhere. 

And then, digital era came struck like a rage of storm, changing my way of doodling. We’ve been taking more and more photos in one day than what people taken in one year in the past. #MyDoodleLife is my way to sneaking my doodle habit into that photo: someone’s photos, sometimes to my close friend’s photos, but mostly on some stranger that I didn’t know entirely (yeah, I know, a little bit strange habits, eh). I’ve been posting some of them to lnstagram, in case someone had a spare time to stop by and take a look. More and more doodle are on the way, I promise. Enjoy!

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Close Encounter With Totoro

Patrick’s Ultimate Soulmate

A Certain Way To Die In The West

Run, Baby, Run!

Advanced Zhou. One Piece Lovers, Hail Your Master!

Over Patient

Neo Khazad-Dûm

Survey Corps Base. The Titan Is Sneaking Into Our World!

Singing Our Moody Afternoon

My Sweet Assassin

By Your Side

Decrypting Secret Recipe

This is SPARTA!

The Witch Covent, Or Must I Say “Season Of The Witch”? (Yeah, Pun Intended)