My wife has always been a creative soul, and that… combined with a desire to do things differently, always ends up with something funny and remarkable.

When she got the task of making a cake for her sisters baby shower, i knew she would go into her creative corner again..

After 4 hours in the kitchen, and me running to the grocery store a dusin times to provide her with the materials needed, the result was a cake i barely dared to touch, and made sure i lost my appetite for cake for the next millennium.

As a side note, out 9 year old daughter had her weekly “tell what you did this weekend” hour at school today. And ofcourse, this event has made it’s mark on her mind, and…. in her school diary, she made a quite exact drawing of the cake, and showed it to her teacher and the rest of the class, ending with a quite hysterical group-laugh and a tiny bit of embarrassment for our daughters sake :)

Here I come

Our daughter’s drawing in her school diary

Translated to English : “I have slept over at Selma, and i have been at a baby shower. Mommy made a very ugly cake we surprised aunt Linda with”