Hi there!

I’m Sarah, a freelance Storyboard Artist from Switzerland and I draw comics about day to day life in my spare time.

I originally created my Instagram account some years back as a sketch blog, to practice drawing. Within the last year, I started to do little comics as a creative balance to my regular work. These comics are like a playground for me, where I can draw whatever I feel like.

I draw them after work and choose the topics spontaneously. They’re mostly about something I encountered that day, little observations from life, a funny situation, or how I’m feeling at the moment. There’s always a true element in the stories, but I usually tweak reality a bit (or a lot) to make it entertaining – I don’t know what my cat really thinks.

If you want to see the latest ones, check out my Instagram or my website. I try to post the comics fairly regularly, depending on my workload. I hope you enjoy them!

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See Also on Bored Panda