My name is Lucie Kruta and five years ago I got the idea of capturing transformations of my growing children a little more creatively. I started to take pictures of my kids in the style of famous paintings.

The first photograph was actually a coincidence. I took a picture of my newborn daughter in her new dress and I immediately realised she looked like a girl from Eduard Manet’s painting. That was the starting point of a whole series of pictures and after five years the series became quite big. Until this day I created more than 280 famous paintings impersonations. I picked my favourite ones here for you.

More info:

Johannes Vermeer – Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665

Frida Kahlo – Self Portrait, 1940

René Magritte – Man in a Bowler Hat, 1964

Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa, 1503

Henri Matisse – Face, 1951

Diego Velasques – Infanta Margarita in a White Dress, 1656

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – The Kiss, 1930

František Kupka – The Piano Keys Lake, 1905

Paul Swan – Isadora Duncan, 1922

Henri Matisse – Woman with Amphora and Pomegranates, 1953

Alfons Mucha – Autumn, 1896

Roy Lichtenstein – The Girl in the Mirror, 1964

Pierre Soulages – Peinture 30 Avril, 1972

Pablo Picasso – Poor Couple in a Cafe, 1903

Jean – Francois Millet – Portrait of Louise-Antoinette Feuardent, 1841

Rembrandt van Rijn – Bust of an Old Man with a Fur Cap

Jan van Eyck – A Portrait of a Man with a Turban, 1433

Pablo Picasso – Life, 1903

Rogier van den Weyden – Portrait of a Lady, 1455

Vincent van Gogh – Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, 1888

Kees van Dongen – The Corn Poppy, 1919

El Greco – Lady in a Fur Wrap, 1580