Hi, I’m Ignacio Di Meglio, a freelance comic artist from Argentina. Five years ago my friend Luis Davidovich and me had a crazy idea: CHE GUEVARA ZOMBIE KILLER.

After laughing at the notion we fell in love with it. It reminds us of Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles and brings to our mind the theme song from the 1987 animated series.

We promised that he was going to write a novel and I was going to illustrate it. We didn’t know how or when but, we were determined to do it. We didn’t even know what the story was going to be but the title had already hooked us and we weren’t going to let it go.

After many years and a lot of work the book has just been published. This are some of the images I did for the project.

If you like them you can download a previw of the book here: https://zombierocks.wixsite.com/cheguevara/copia-de-home-version-2 bare in mind the book hasn´t been translated to english yet so it´s in castillian.

More info: zombierocks.wixsite.com

Che Guevara going at full speed to kill zombies.

Che Guevara uses the star from his beret as a shuriken to finish two damn zombies.

Besides using the machete he also annihilates zombies with bow and arrow.

When the jungle is teeming with zombies all of them must be destroyed.

Begrudgingly Che Guevara has to dress like Uncle Sam… but that doesn’t stop him from killing one zombie after the other.

A zombified little person ready to be killed.

Che Guevara loves to kill zombies with his machine gun, his partner, Vong, prefers the flamethrower.

The world is rotten, even the animals have turned into wild zombies.

Wait a minute. Are those robots? Yes, besides zombies Che Guevara fights capitalist robots.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t tell anyone but in “CHE GUEVARA ZOMBIE KILLER” Stephen Hawken makes an appearance and turns his wheelchair into an exoskeleton.

We ask for forgiveness to the Church of Saint Money but Che Guevara must chop the head of one of its founding members.

Every person has dreams. This is the reward that Che Guevara will ask for ridding the world of the zombie plague.

This is the book’s cover. I also did this illustration.

Feed us your money. Buy the book here: https://zombierocks.wixsite.com/cheguevara/copia-de-home-version-2