My amazing wife of 18 years, Chrissy, has been disabled since 2013. She suffers from gastroparesis, a condition of the stomach which causes uncontrolled vomiting, pain, and severe bowel issues. She also has psoriatic arthritis and suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. She has had multiple emergency room visits, hospital stays, and surgeries for insertion of a pain pump, mesh, and bowel stimulator. She is on many medications and sees several specialists for her various problems. Due to the many medical bills and clinic visits, we live paycheck to paycheck and were forced to file for bankruptcy. This past year our insurance changed, raising our deductible and office copays. Currently we owe over $980 in fees to a handful of offices, and Chrissy will not be able to attend crucial doctor appointments with her Pain Management specialist, rheumatologist, and therapist, until these debts are paid. We have tried to set aside money to pay these bills, but the week to week cost of medications, food, and utilities have made this all but impossible.

We started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her medical debt, but despite promoting it on social media extensively it has been slow going. I’ve been a musician and songwriter for 35 years and I run my own independent label on Bandcamp. I recently had the idea to release two special compilation albums as a way to raise more money, and I recruited Chrissy to hand color the album covers. She’s always had a talent for art and crafts, and having her be a part of my fundraiser makes it that much more special. All the proceeds from the album sales will go directly to her GoFundMe campaign, and with any luck we’ll hit our goal in time to avoid cancellation of Chrissy’s appointments. Thanks for reading!


P.s. Below are the links to my albums and Chrissy’s GoFundMe.

Chrissy during one of her many hospital stays.

Godless Angel – Six Years Of Sin

Atomic Zombie Records – Metal To Wake The Dead Volume One

Chrissy and Derek