My daughter has not had the easiest life, so when she gets passionate about something…we go BIG. She became a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars a few years ago and asked if she can meet them.

It took a bit of planning and quite a lot of help to make it magical but if anyone knows the power our dreams can have it is Jared Leto. His crew worked with me over the weeks before coming to make sure we could participate in a fully inclusive concert experience.

This is my daughter, challenges are common with travel using a wheelchair

Non-Stop music and most of them 30 Seconds to Mars videos

She was so excited be going on a trip but had no idea what I had really planned

This is where we sat while the first band played. She was so excited to see 30 Seconds to Mars play, no complaints even though ADA seating is far back at many venues

Little did she know that I had made arrangements for us to have better seats for her favorite band

She enjoyed taking photos of the crowd from stage while the band played

But backstage she was all smiles and asked the band to make their craziest faces…I think Tomo may be the winner here

Her first autographed album

Used everything I had to make her dream come true. It wasn’t the first and it wont be the last