My dad is a cabinet maker, but he is also very good at building amazing minimalist houses for his family.

They stand between trees and other construction trailers on a place in the north of Berlin.

In the past, my dad was an independent carpenter, but then he got sick and could not work that much anymore.

He tried to work as an assistant carpenter for other people, but unfortunately, he had to make very bad experiences.

Now he deals a lot with his tiny houses, but sadly not many people see his work and he hardly gets any recognition for what he does.

That makes me sad, because he is so talented and has so much fun at his work.

He deserves much more attention and recognition!

That’s why we took photos and want to show them to many people as possible. :)

If you want to know how my family lives in these houses, click the link below.

More info:

That’s what a tiny house looks before my dad breathe new life into it

During spring, summer and autumn he works almost every day. Sometimes in winter as well

Slowly the construction trailer takes shape

The framework is done

Almost finished

And that’s what a tiny house can look like when it’s finished. Lovely!

Living in nature can be so beautiful