Everybody is Kung Fu fighting, these cats are fast as lighting..

Ever since Brutus, our neighbor cat, came into our garden he and my cat June have been playing ninja nonstop. What started out with getting to know each other by gently sniffing changed into epic ninja battles they share almost every day. And once my Jazz was allowed to go outside, she instantly wanted to join the pawty.

Having an Instagram account for my cats made me go capture these ninja moments. Not only on video but also on photos I captured great moments.

I noticed along the way they each developed their own signature moves. That made me go make compilation videos of each of them.

FYI if one of the cats does not want to play they will stop. I do not force them to go play.

More info: junethekitty.com

Some of June’s funniest videos

The ninja battle is on

This was one of the first photos I caught of them

One of June’s signature moves is the ‘ninja roll’

June mostly uses her left paw in battle

June’s ‘smell my butt’ move

Jazz loves to use her ‘big hug’ move

Or here ‘high jump’ move

Jazz reaching out for a hug

Jazz her ‘big hug’ move

Brutus loves to do a surprise attack from the bushes

Brutus his ‘surprise attack’ move

The girls even practice their ninja moves indoors