This is the second male cat I’ve adopted that has loves art. Judah, my art cat, loves watching me work with all media. When I work with wet media, he is afraid to jump up on my desk. He stands on his hind legs, and gently taps my elbow for permission. It is the cutest thing he does. Somehow Judah knows there is water and paint somewhere on the desk. How he knows this, I’ve no clue. Other than he must be brilliant. You can see my other art loving cat on my blog

More info:

I have a commission. A little girl in pastel. I put everything on my kitchen table (i had my desk covered in another project). When I put the photo down. Judah decided to sit on it.

He watched me work for a while, but soon tired of the dust. When I finished for the day, I sat back in my seat. Judah came back to inspect my work and then to look at the photograph again. I think he thought the little girls hair was alive.

Then he tried to see if the bead were real.

I spent the day cleaning my art studio. As soon as I moved the pastels to my studio. Judah decided he was going to watch.

This is us working hard.

I took a selfie because i didn’t take one when i had my first art loving cat. You can see photos of that cat, named Hobbes, in my old art studio on my blog

Make sure to photograph yourself with your animals. Some leave us far too soon.

This is the photograph i took of the little girl.