Making it as an artist is a struggle. Whether you’re an actor, visual artist or musician, until you’re famous, many people don’t think they should have to pay you for your work. Well, a restaurant on Craigslist tried to take advantage of some poor up and coming artists by posting an ad looking for musicians to play at their establishment – for free.

To point out how ridiculous and disrespectful this type of advertisement is, a musician responded to the ad with the perfect clapback and probably made them instantly regret their post. Hopefully, this will make others rethink asking any artist to share their work without compensation. Scroll down below to read the post and response! (Facebook cover image: Andreas Dreyer Hysing)

A Vancouver restaurant put out an ad searching for musicians to play for free

Image Credits: Justin Higuchi

A musician responded to the post with this clever shut down

People, especially other artists, applauded the response